Cherry Picker access and types of jobs

Our cherry picker services cover all kinds of poor access projects, to provide a solution that is an effective and quicker alternative to scaffolding.

Our multi-use machines are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial jobs whether that’s where space is limited, to gain access above obstacles or to reach high areas such as trees and electric cables.

While our staff are supplied only for the operation of the cherry picker, there are multiple jobs that a machine from Mid Devon Cherry Pickers can provide an essential service for.

We also offer a wood chipper and stump grinder hire service.

We have a number of machines, in a range of sizes and with different functions. Contact Lloyd to find out more and to get a free quote.

tree work tool


Whether you need high access in order to fell dead or dangerous trees or to carry out general tree maintenance our cherry pickers will allow you to reach heights of up to 21.95m.

maintenance tools

Exterior maintenance

That could be anything from chimney work, gutter clearance and roof repairs to painting and decorating.

electrical and telecoms access

Electrical & telecoms

Installing aerials, carrying out maintenance work on electric cables and high level lighting both privately and in public areas such as highways.

building surveys

Building surveys

Building inspections are often a necessary part of a development. Our cherry picker can provide access in order to fully inspect a hard to reach area.



Are you responsible for looking after tall buildings? We can lift you up in a cherry picker in order to carry out essential window cleaning.



Whether for private use or as part of a commercial shoot, we can position you in a desired spot for the perfect shot.